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Watch: Ky. Gay Couple Suffer Broken Eye Sockets, Fractured Noses in Possible Hate Crime

Friday Dec 8, 2017
Watch: Ky. Gay Couple Suffer Broken Eye Sockets, Fractured Noses in Possible Hate Crime
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A gay couple is speaking out after being brutally beaten in what may be labeled as a hate crime, local news station WLWT reports.

On Nov. 24, the gay couple, who remains anonymous, were brutally beaten after they invited a friend over to their home in Covington, Ky. for Thanksgiving leftovers. During their meal, the woman's ex-boyfriend allegedly broke into her home and ransacked it, according to police, The River City News reports.

When the woman returned home, she saw what happened and the couple came to her place. During that time, Bruckman allegedly made several threatening phone calls. Police officer David Griswald testified during a preliminary hearing Tuesday at Kenton County District Court that Bruckman allegedly warned her against being friends with gay men, according to River City News' report.

One of the men picked up Bruckman's phone calls and told him that the woman would not speak with him, telling him to stay away from her. Bruckman, 49, then allegedly spewed gay slurs at him, saying "Fuck you, faggots, cock-sucking bitches," according to a witness.

After one of the men left a voicemail on Bruckman's phone, Bruckman eventually returned to the home with another man.

"Her ex-boyfriend and someone else forced entry," Griswald testified, according to River City News. "He doesn't like her hanging out with homosexuals."

Bruckman is accused of punching the couple in the face while screaming gay slurs.

Griswald said Bruckman and the other man used gay slurs while beating the gay couple.

"Basically just telling us that you know, we were going to be assaulted because of who we were, because we were gay and he didn't want her hanging out with gay people," the men told WLWT.

The couple suffered broken eye sockets. Their noses and cheekbones were also fractured during the attack. They will need to undergo surgery, according to the news station.

"I never expected this to be as real as it is, that nowadays there are still so many people that harbor so much hate for somebody because of who they are," one of the victims told WLWT.

Bruckman was arrested and faces a number of charges, including assault, burglary, menacing and violations of a protection order. A second man involved in the alleged attack is currently on the run, the news station reports. Bruckman is currently being held on a $25,000 cash bond.

Kenton County Prosecutor Rob Sanders said the attack could be labeled a hate crime.

The River City News reports Bruckman has 10 prior arrests in Kenton County in the last two years.

"It's important to accept other people for who they are. They may be different than you, but that shouldn't matter," one of the men told WLWT.

The victims have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for medical expenses.

"In addition to the costs associated with our medical needs, we have both been required to miss work and garner legal representation," the post reads. "The men that did this to us have cost us a lot more than just our dignity."

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Watch WLWT's report on the incident below.

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