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After Being Rescued by Guardian Angel Drag Queens, Man Helps Them with Crowdfunding Page

Monday Aug 21, 2017

A trio of drag performers in Sydney, Australia can add the title "hero" to their resumes.

The performers are being lauded after coming to the rescue of a man being gay-bashed by a group who hurled homophobic slurs at him. The victim now seeks to help his rescuers with a crowdfunding campaign to replace some of the tools of their trade that damaged in the fracas.

On August 6, Ivan Flinn, 34, was out enjoying a weekend night on the famous gay strip of Oxford Street when shortly after midnight he was accosted by a group of rowdy people who hurled anti-LGBT slurs at him.

"There were heaps of homophobic slurs, 'you f**king f*ggot, you queer c**t," all the slurs you can possibly imagine," Flinn told

"I said 'dude, don't ever use the word f*ggot and specially not on Oxford Street of all place,'" Flinn recounted.

Flinn's etiquette lesson apparently didn't go over well with one of the men in the group. Finn explained he was attacked by a member of the group, who allegedly ripped his shirt and punched his face, dislocating his jaw.

"I am a bit religious and I really thought I was going to die, I was praying for a hero and I got three angels," he told

They came in the persons of three drag queens, led by Ivey Leaguee.

"After the punch I was stunned but the next thing I knew Ivy went in and was scrapping with the guy who punched me," Flinn said. "They're in the middle of the road, cars swerving around them, tooting, and I saw the guy rip her wig off.

"They were bashing each other and she's still wearing her high heels," he said.

Soon, Ivy was joined by fellow drag performers Coco Jumbo and Vybe.

"A guy pushed Ivy so I picked him up and threw him into the gutter.

"I don't think they knew what they were getting themselves into," Coco told "I used to play rugby league. Plus I have an older brother."

Flinn recounted his rescue on Facebook.

"Like Destiny's Child they strutted in and saved me. Punches were flying. Hair was flicking. Nails were breaking. I was stunned on footpath, thankful drag queens exist," he wrote.

"I am sooo thankful to the drag queens who came to my defense from the gay bashing I had tonight," Flinn added. "I'd probably dead by now without you. Thank you!!!"

Although the drag queens triumphed and saved Flinn, their rescue didn't come without a cost. During the melee, Ivy's wig was destroyed along with her nails and heels. Hoping to pay his angel back for saving his life, Flinn launched an online campaign to help raise money to buy Ivy new hair.

"I hope to replace my hero's hair, ruined because of her good heart," Flinn wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to help his heroes. "To replace her nails, broken because of her courage. To get her new heels because she stood up for what is right. She risked herself for me. I could've been any one. It's the only thing I can think of to properly thank her."

As of this writing, Flinn's thank you campaign has raised $5,785 over its initial $1,000 goal.


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