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New Out & About CBD Launches Line of Wellness Products Specifically for LGBTQ Community

Thursday April 2, 2020
New Out & About CBD Launches Line of Wellness Products Specifically for LGBTQ Community

Few groups could benefit more from the non-addictive, natural wellness properties of CBD than the LGBT community, where anxiety levels are as much as 2.5x higher than their heterosexual counterparts (Mental Health America). That's the premise of a new Southern California start-up called Out & About CBD with the launch of its new line of CBD products this month.

Out & About CBD has raised more than $1.5 million from almost two dozen angel investors across the country who were attracted by the hyper-growth in the CBD market, a seasoned management team with a track record of success, and Out & About CBD's differentiated "do good, do well" business model.

The company was founded by long-time brand marketing executive (P&G, Heinz, WPP) Ralph Fascitelli and Wayne Carkeek, a former retail manager at LA-based Alo Yoga. Both principals have links to the LGBT community. Carkeek grew up in a small town in Montana and came out shortly after a four-year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Out & About CBD is committed to giving a minimum of 5% of all proceeds back to the LGBT community, a percentage it hopes will generate more than a million dollars in donations within three years. The company is a corporate partner of The Trevor Project the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. As part of the company's launch efforts, Out & About CBD will donate 15% of all sales during March and April to The Trevor Project. According to long-time LGBT activist and former Board President of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, Matt Skallerud: "the gay community is not yet fully up to date on the many benefits of CBD and a well-focused, community-conscious, and committed business like Out & About CBD can be very successful."

The Out & About CBD product line-up will include several traditional CBD products including:

  • Both 10mg and 25mg gummies
  • An energy and sports recovery drink mix — a convenient alternative to CBD water
  • CBD massage oil with lavender
  • CBD dog chews formulated especially for small dogs, 25 pounds and under.

    Out and About CBD will sell direct via its own, e-commerce site which will be aggressively promoted in LGBT media and via LGBT influencers and on social media. The company also intends to sell to a variety of retailers in leading LGBT neighborhoods as well as wellness outlets across the U.S.

    The CBD market is predicted to grow into a 20 billion dollar category by the year 2022 according to a Brightfield Group study, and has enjoyed stamps of approval from both the World Health Organization, which declared hemp-based CBD to be "a safe product with health benefits," and the U.S. Government which classified CBD as a legal product in the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp-based CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, comes from the same cannabis family as marijuana though hemp CBD contains less than 0.3% of THC, which is the addictive element in marijuana that gets one high. Out & About CBD's hemp CBD products typically contain zero THC and are organic, vegan, U.S. farmed, and third-party tested.

    CBD is at the center of the booming wellness, self-care industry due to its dual mind and body benefits. CBD can have a positive impact on our physiological functions by interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is crucial for balancing a healthy stress response, mood and sleep/wake cycles.

    The typical CBD user has above average education and higher income levels than the general population and takes fewer prescription drugs. Growth in the industry has been grassroots-driven, with reported efficacy levels over 80% according to CBD user surveys. Studies also indicate almost half of people who use CBD, use it daily.

    Out & About CBD

    Out & About CBD's mission is to be the CBD market leader for the LGBT community, which it believes can represent 10% of all CBD sales in a few years. They aim to do this by assuming the role of thought leader in the space and by educating LGBT individuals about the latest research on this promising anti-inflammatory, non-addictive genre of natural products. The Company's tagline is "Love Every Day," which aligns with an intent to bring the mind-body balance benefits of hemp-based CBD to members of the LGBT community. Retailers in the wellness space and LGBT communities should contact Out & About CBD's Co-founder Wayne Carkeek at [email protected].

    For more information, visit visit the Out & About CBD website.

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