Couldn't Get It Right The First Time? LGBTQ Trump Supporter Defaced NYC BLM Mural Twice

Thursday August 6, 2020

Marky Hutt (aka Mark-David Hutt),being arrested outside of Trump Tower in late July
Marky Hutt (aka Mark-David Hutt),being arrested outside of Trump Tower in late July  (Source:Twitter)

NBC reported that in late July Marky Hutt (aka Mark-David Hutt), founder of the LGBTrump Facebook group, was arrested not once, but twice one weekend for defacing the Black Life Matter mural on New York Fifth Avenue, strategically located near Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, where the President still maintains an apartment.

In a video Hutt tweeted on July 27, he can be seen splashing paint on the mural. "Saturday, I splashed red. Sunday, I splashed white. & on Monday...." he wrote.

Hutt was arrested on July 25 and July 26 in what was the latest in attacks on the mural by supporters of President Trump.

"Hutt is the founder of the LGBTrump Gays for Trump Facebook page, which has nearly 14,000 followers. The page describes the group as a 'political organization' and a 'group of proud, patriotic Trump supporters,'" NBC reports.

The Facebook page consists mostly of Hutt posting news reports about his arrest and numerous comments, some negative but mostly lauding his actions.

Hutt retweeted his rationale for the attack on Thursday:

Amongst his other tweets he accuses the Trans movement, Black Lives Matter, & modern feminism of destroying the nuclear family.

He makes unfounded accusations against Senator Mazie Hirono.

Claims that straight white Christian males are currently the most oppressed majority in America.

And he hits back at "fake news":

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