Watch: Nicki Minaj Endorses Texas' First Openly Gay Councilman After Birthday Shoutout

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday December 15, 2021
Originally published on December 14, 2021

Rapper Nicki Minaj is jumping into to politics, at least for a second, to throw her support behind Texas' first openly gay councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez.

As reported by NBC News, McKee-Rodriguez is the first openly gay Black man elected to office in the state of Texas. He caught the Queen of Rap's attention by wishing her a very heartfelt happy birthday during a council meeting in a now viral video.

Wearing a Minaj T-shirt, McKee-Rodriguez shared: "It was a very special birthday yesterday for a woman who is important to a lot of people worldwide," McKee-Rodriguez said. "She is a mother to not just one, but a lot of sons. Unfortunately, she couldn't be here today, but she is an icon and a queen — the queen of rap. I would like to wish a happy belated birthday to the Nicki Minaj. Thank you."

Taking notice, Minaj retweeted the video to her more than 23 million followers with a message of support: "A true KING omg. Barbz must assemble to vote for this great man at every election he's apart of. Barbz ACTIVATE!!!!," Minaj wrote alongside the video. "If you can't vote in his city, MOVE THERE!"

McKee-Rodriguez reportedly didn't think anything would happen so big after sharing the moment, but he is glad he made a big impression on Minaj.

"Then, I saw that Nicki Minaj had reposted me, and I was like 'O.M.G.,' it was so cool and definitely unexpected," he told NBC.

As a councilman, McKee-Rodriguez has "focused on issues including LGBTQ suicide prevention programs, LGBTQ-inclusive housing options for homeless populations and ramping up Covid-19 vaccination efforts," NBC reports.

Watch his viral video below.