GOP Candidate Claims Colorado Governor is Faking Being Gay

Thursday December 16, 2021

It sounds like the plot to some Adam McKay movie — what if it turns out that a married gay governor of a Mountain state turns out to be faking it and is actually straight?

That is what Republican candidate for Colorado governor Danielle Neuschwanger claimed in a bizarre and fact-free rant this past Monday night at a campaign meet-and-greet event. Her monologue, the Colorado Times Recorder writes, is "filled with false accusations about Democratic Gov. Jared Polis, saying he 'is not gay' and that his marriage to Marlon Reis 'is a sham.'"

The news outlet was provided an audio recording of Neuschwanger's remarks, which covered a wide variety of subjects, that ended with her comments about Polis.

She begins by saying his "real name" is Jared Schutz. (Polis's full name is Jared Schutz Polis according to his Wiki entry.) And "and he was married to a woman, who he used to abuse the heck out of."

She goes on to say that Polis was part of cabal to elect a gay governor of Colorado, claiming they told him to get a divorce.

"But then he sexually assaulted a female colleague, hence, the name change to Jared Polis." Polis changed his name from Jared Schutz to Jared Polis in 2000, adopting his mother's maiden name, reports the Advocate.

"There is absolutely no evidence that Polis was ever married to a woman or that he ever sexually assaulted anyone," the Advocate continues. "He has been out as gay throughout his political career; he was on the Colorado Board of Education from 2001 to 2007 and a congressman from 2009 to 2019. He is the first out gay man elected governor of any U.S. state. He married his longtime partner, Marlon Reis, this year, becoming the first sitting governor in a same-sex marriage — a marriage Neuschwanger called "a sham." They have a son and daughter."

Facts didn't appear to bother Neuschwanger, who continued with her conspiracy theory: "Well, everyone said, when he was running for governor, no one knew he was gay. But all of a sudden, right before he won, he came out as the first Jewish gay guy in Colorado. He's not actually gay! So then, they bring in Marlon — and, you know, have you ever seen him and Marlon have public displays of affection, hold hands, kiss, hug? [parroting a person in the audience] No one sees Marlon very often."

When contacted by the Colorado Times Reporter about her comments, Neuschwanger stood by them.

"I stand by this statement in its entirety. As I mentioned I have never been in politics and didn't know any of this information, never even thought to ever ask these types of questions until I started campaigning. ... The truth is that we have been told this numerous times across the state from people who are on both party fences and know Polis personally."

Justifying using gossip by saying: "Now as rumors go, we all know they stem from a kernel of the truth..." Then demanding that Poulis address her claims. "However, I am also not a politician and so if Gov. Polis would like to make a public statement to set the record straight surrounding this mysterious personal rumor, and in fact any of these comments made by me are false; well I have no problem making a public correction and apology."

She continued by shading Polis's performance as governor with the LGBTQ community. "However Polis has disappointed me in the fact that as the Nations first gay Governor I feel that he has dropped the ball tremendously for the gay community, especially in relation to the increasing gay suicides that occur in our community. Now I am probably the black sheep of the Republican Party because I do openly support the LGBTQ community but this has been a hot topic for me. Therefore is this was all a scheme to get elected, well he has some explaining to do and he should be held accountable for those falsehoods. 

"I think like many Coloradoans were taken off guard with his personal sexual orientation last go around, there are many questions that voters want answered and many conspiracy theories that we would like squashed. I'm open to having a discussion about what his story really is and setting the record straight, even if I'm wrong," said Neuschwanger. 

Governor Polis' office declined to comment on Neuschwanger's remarks from the Cañon City event, the Colorado Times Recorder writes.

The Colorado-born Neuschwanger works as a realtor in a company she founded. On her website, she calls herself a "firecracker," and proudly embraces her role in the governor's race as an outsider and businesswoman, having no experience in politics as an elected official.