New Year, New Toys: Bottom Edition

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday February 11, 2023
Originally published on January 18, 2023

Max Konnor & Pierre Fitch
Max Konnor & Pierre Fitch  

We recently shared the most popular dildos in the shape of your favorite porn stars' junk. But for those who prefer a more...penetrable sex toy, we've got you covered. Here are 10 popular Fleshjacks molded after your favorite bottoms:

Pierre Fitch

"Pierre's exclusive texture is inspired by his scorpion tattoo — it's not deadly, but it will definitely send you over the edge." $80, Fleshjack.

Liam Riley

"Once you've tried Liam's custom FleshJack sleeve, you'll be hooked for life. It's designed to give you the biggest and most extreme orgasms. His exclusive texture is more intense than almost anything you've ever experienced." $80, Fleshjack.

Max Konnor

"You're in for the ride of your life with the unique Max Konnor butt Fleshlight. His Overdrive texture features three distinct pleasure chambers. When you first enter, you'll experience the tightest of the three sections featuring rows of alternating stimulation beads. The middle chamber sports both smooth and ridged twisting waves. Finally, the last section features climax strands, which will intensify your session beyond belief!" $80, Fleshjack.

Sean Zevran

"Don't settle for second-best when you can achieve the pinnacle of sexual enjoyment from the intense tightness of Sean's exclusive texture." $80, Fleshjack.

Josh Moore

"As edgy as the man himself, Josh Moore's Fleshlight texture begins with a never-before-seen cubed entrance that welcomes your cock with a stimulating squeeze. Slide a bit deeper inside, and you'll feel its incredible centerpiece — a jagged corkscrew sensation designed to push your sexual stamina to its utmost limit." $80, Fleshjack.

Malik Delgaty

"With a tight, virgin ass entrance and an astonishing variety of internal textures, Malik Delgaty's "Jackhammer" is a one-of-kind Fleshjack sensation. As you penetrate this top-dominant French Canadian's hole, prepare to feel a combination of smooth rings, mega-tight passageways, and a cock-tingling pyramid cluster massaging you with every thrust." $80, Fleshjack.

Alam Wernik

"Welcome to the Holy Grail of asses. It's hard to image a more perfect rock hard butt than Alam Wernik's — and now it's yours to use as whenever and however you want. Alam's Fleshjack features a tight opening with waves of pleasure folds and a rapid series of intensity nodes, followed by rings and ridges that will offer one of the most amazing jerkoff sessions of your life. You're in for a wild Brazilian ride, as this Adonis will take you to orgasmic nirvana every time you mount him! Molded from the actor himself! Includes Alam Wernik Fleshjack butt sleeve with Alam's signature Adonis texture and a powder blue Fleshjack case." $80, Fleshjack.

Ricky Roman

"This ass is large, in-charge and ready to take your dick! Ricky Roman's Fleshjack features a tight entrance that opens to a fitting array of Roman-style columns and pillars that will transport you to a place where fantasy meets ecstasy. Enlist in the (Ricky) Roman Empire's army of insatiable men, and do your best to serve until you drop from exhaustion! Molded from the actor himself! Includes Ricky Roman Fleshjack butt sleeve with Ricky's signature Dolce texture and a powder blue Fleshjack case." $80, Fleshjack.

Levi Karter

"You'll be exploding like Levi after trying out his custom FleshJack sleeve. It's designed to give you the biggest orgasm of your life. His exclusive texture is more intense than almost anything you've ever experienced." $80, Fleshjack.

Brent Everett

"The texture was inspired by Brent's double armband tattoo; the name was inspired by the pure lust Brent brings out in all of the boys." $80, Fleshjack.