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PopUps: 'ANTM' Winner Nyle DiMarco's Old Man FaceApp Transformation Goes Viral

Monday Jul 15, 2019
Nyle DiMarco
Nyle DiMarco  (Source:Instagram / @nyledimarco)

Nyle DiMarco, the queer winner of "America's Next Top Model" and "Dancing with the Stars," is the latest celeb to use the popular FaceApp — an app that radically transforms selfies — and his pics are going viral.

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, DiMarco shared two pics of himself with the FaceApp filter, making the hunky deaf activist look several years older. DiMarco, 30, tweeted: "George Clooney could never."

DiMarco recently opened up about embracing his identity as a deaf man and an LGBTQ activist. Read his interview with Mashable by clicking here.

Unsurprisingly, the model's tweet went viral, earning over 16,000 likes and several thirsty comments. Find the best below.


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