Who's That Hunk Walking the Runway? 'Drag Race Vegas' Dancers Get Drag Makeovers


Miguel Rivera Laureano

When picking her partner for the competition, RuPaul said that Morphine "mandated" her choice (in Ru's word) of Miguel Rivera Laureano, with whom she said she had a crush on. Morphine said she looked forward to the challenge because she is the best make-up artist of the bunch, but dressed in revealing, shimmering dresses, the pair got the worst marks from the judges, which placed Morphine in the bottom.

In addition to being a dancer in "RuPaul's Drag Race LIVE," Miguel is a content creator and professional model. Of the four, he has the most suggestive social media account, with his soft-core pics on X hinting of finding more on his OnlyFans.

For more on Miguel Rivera Laureano, Visit his Instagram page.

Mark Romain

Sapphira Cristál's fate on the episode seemed doomed from the first when she learned this would be a dance challenge and she had prepared costumes too heavy to move in for herself and Mark Romain. The dancer said he wanted to pay homage to the drag classic "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar," but Sapphira came up with was more like outtakes from a production of "Chicago" – basic show girl looks. This led to the seemingly invincible (with four wins) Sapphira in the bottom for the first time, but she prevailed, sending Morphine home and making to the Final Four. But was this misstep the beginning of the end? Stay tuned.

This "Drag Race" appearance wasn't the first time Mark has been on the show – he appeared as a dancer on the Season 14 finale and as part of the Rusical, Mark Romain (Sapphira Cristál's makeover partner). He has also appeared as a dancer on "This Is Us" and "Lucifer." In his personal life, Romain is married to another Vegas performer, Brett Hamby. (Visit Hanby's Instagram at this link.)

For more on Mark Romain, //www.instagram.com/markromain/Visit his Instagram page.

Jonathan Claudio

Though disappointed that her partner Jonathan was the only straight dancer amongst the five, Nymphia Wind did what she did best – create a pair of matching outfits that combined her design skills and her wacky sense of humor. The pair had great presence on the runway dressed as a pair of glamorous birds that they camped up to the hilt. Nymphia always casts herself as an underdog, but is clearly one to beat in the upcoming weeks.

Prior to joining the cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race Live!," Jonathan was a cast member of the
Spice Girls tribute show "Spice Wannabe" in Las Vegas. He is also a choreographer.

For more on Jonathan Claudio, Visit his Instagram page.

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