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10 Insta Reasons Why We Love This Body by Jake Andrich

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 4 MIN.

"I choose to make content for fun," said thirst trap and OnlyFans star Jake Andrich in a YouTube Q&A in 2019. The Canadian hunk, now 26, said at the time he had enough money saved from investing in real estate to retire. He must be rolling in dough now as a popular erotica personality who goes by the handle Jakipz on OnlyFans and social media.

When he started his page about five years ago he said it was a place where "I show off more than I do on Instagram." That included tantalizing pics of what's below his waist.

The astute and well-spoken sexual entrepreneur knows how to market himself. His body is his real estate, and he is its agent.
With millions of fans, he has a high property value among both men and women who love his curb appeal. He has often emphasized that he is neither straight nor gay but where he fits in the LGBTQ+ community remains a mystery.

Before Andrich entered the adult entertainment world, he did a lot of work with his hands. From welder to heavy-duty mechanic to pipe fitting, he did a lot of construction work.

The tattooed model is constantly on social media whether it's for his over 14 million TikTok subscribers, his 1.3 million oglers on OnlyFans, or doing live Q&As on YouTube.

That doesn't include the over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, which is the platform we are going to focus on here. After you look at some of his hottest pics below and you still aren't quenched, click the link in his bio and more will be revealed.

What a difference a few years make. Andrich started his online adult career as a twink; now he looks like he dates them. Andrich's mustache appeared on his Instagram in late 2022. Conversely, in a livestream a year prior he said he hated the feeling of hair growing on his face. But perhaps he read the studies that show both men and women perceive men with mustaches to be more attractive and dominant which fits perfectly into his brand's algorithm.

App developers must have used Andrich as inspiration for their peach emoji. In this picture, the scenario is that Andrich wants you to concentrate on what he's showing you in a book rather than what he's showing you in his slacks. It takes a lot of work to achieve this juicy profile. Andrich has said several times online that he follows a strict diet and workout regimen.

"Mirror mirror on the wall" begins the famous chant. It's uttered by the evil queen in Snow White. But the only thing wicked in this shot is Andrich's beautifully sculpted torso, legs, and that inviting smirk on his face. As for the other parts, thank goodness it's a full-length mirror.

by Timothy Rawles

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