Chris Appleton, left, and Omar Ayuso, right. Source: Instagram

InstaQueer Roundup: Chris Appleton, Orville Peck, & Jake Williamson are Dripping Wet for Us

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 1 MIN.

Welcome to our latest round-up of queer Instagram thirst traps!

This week we've got Chris Appleton celebrating his birthday by giving us the gift of a thirst trap, out athlete Jake Williamson deciding whether he'll spit or swallow at training, MUNA literally drooling over their bandmate Katie in a sizzling leather outfit, "Elité" actor Omar Ayuso's chest hair on display in bed, Orville Peck undressed for Paper magazine's "cuntry music" photoshoot, and Kerri Colby showing off her cleavage very fabulously.

Orville Peck's "cuntry music" shoot for Paper magazine had him on stage, wet in a white tee, and if you scroll through the post you'll see him wearing nothing but whipped cream.

Chris Appleton is celebrating his birthday by giving us a gift: A photo of him and his glistening abs next to a waterfall.

Kerri Colby's doing the most fabulous hair flips as she flaunts her spectacular cleavage on a night out.

"Spit or swallow?" asks out athlete Jake Williamson, who is sweaty and showing us how he drinks (or rather doesn't drink) water during his training.

Out "Elité" actor Omar Ayuso in a thirst trap taken at a very strategic angle, where his chest hair is on display, his tiny shorts bunched up suggestively.

MUNA's Katie in a matching leather set, whipping their extra-long braid around while their bandmates react completely appropriately: mouths open, drooling.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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