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9 Reasons Why Donut Daddy is the Internet's Guilty Pleasure

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 11 MIN.

If there is a visual definition for the term "double-entendre" then it was created in the space of Anthony Randello-Jahn's TikTok kitchen. You may also know him by his other name: The Donut Daddy. Sometimes shirtless, but always intriguing Australia-born Randello-Jahn creates beautiful confectionaries that belong in a fancy culinary magazine instead of a social media feed.

But a physical medium wouldn't accurately capture what he does with his ingredients. Whether he motorboats a mound of dough, suggestively licks a stem of cherries, or sticks his finger into a lime making it squirt all over his fingers, Randello-Jahn knows how to make food content deliciously dirty.

He owns two brick-and-mortar businesses in Melbourne, Australia called Levain Doughnuts and Jamm'd Dessert Bar. When they became successful, he confidently crowned himself "The Donut Daddy" and began making social media content which inspired a whole movement of online creators to sexualize their recipes. It also doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes and has a body befitting of a Greek god. All of these things culminate into a formula that creates clicks and views, the lifeblood of content creators.

"Sexuality can be a powerful marketing tool for selling," Randello-Jahn told Forbes last year, "but the effectiveness of using sex as a selling point depends on various factors: the product, target audience, and cultural context."

The product looks pretty amazing, and his target audience is smartly ambiguous, but as far as cultural context, he seems to be leading the charge. He does to food what Oliver did to Felix's bathwater in "Saltburn." We selected a few of his posts we thought you might like, some of them food-related, some not, but always titillating.

@thedonutdaddy Sweet or sour? #donutdaddy #lemon #zest Key lime pie donut: Key lime pie filling. Candied lime, lime zests. Torched Swiss meringue. Lemon meringue donut: lemon curd filling, lemon zest and candied lemon. Swiss meringue, torched. Decorated with piped meringue and Meringue sticks #meringue #lemon #zesty #lime #keylimepie #pie #key #dessert #chef #pastry #treat #sweet #gourmet #artisan #desserts #yummy #handmade #chef #pastrychef ♬ Edit Phonk (Slowed) - Bgnzinho

When you go into the Donut Daddy's kitchen be prepared to see some possible health code violations. From manhandling the dough with his bare hands to squeezing egg yolks between his fingers, Donut Daddy doesn't seem to worry about contaminating the food. But, whether it's food porn or food-borne, his infectious razzle dazzle will never upset your stomach.

@thedonutdaddy If you're lucky you might get to lick the beater #banana #donuthole #chocolatemousse Banoffee-filled donut hole, coated in salted caramel toffee glaze and crowned with fresh cream. Paired with nutella, stabilised chocolate mousse and a golden Callebaut ribbon. A true indulgence. #chef #donutdaddy #dessert #catering #gourmet #foodporn #instagood #instayum #treat #sweet #amazing #🍩 #treat #daddy #pastry #pastrychef #pastries #donut #donuts #doughnuts #plating #finedining #dessert #yummy ♬ Close Eyes - DVRST

Cream-filled donut holes are what's for dessert here. It looks like the pastry version of a sex education film. From whipping the dough with his belt to provocatively removing the chocolate from the mixing blade with his tongue, one might call it food porn, but others, a sequel to "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Happy New Year from the Donut Daddy. We think 2024 is going to be really sweet to him. And since it's the year of the dragon we can expect some extra fire in his kitchen. Dragons are considered charming and lucky. He's got plenty of the former. Let's hope he continues to reap more of the latter.

Yeah, yeah, this pineapple dessert looks delicious, but it's the last few seconds of the video that grab our attention. After he's done putting his fingers through the donut holes and fingering the lemons, we get a waist-level shot of his sweatpants and you can clearly see where he hides his finest kitchen tool.

by Timothy Rawles

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